What to snack at work?

What to snack at work?

Scientists have proved that one of the most factors of obesity is wrong diet and, most often, wrong snacks between the main meals. Unhealthy snacks are accumulating into fats and provide no benefits. Lots of people chose potato chips, candies, biscuits or similar products to snack at work. People are trying to diversify the monotony of work by eating a croissant, chocolate or a bag of chips.

However, eating just three times per day is not an option. You still need to snack. So how to snack healthier?


Choose non-salted almonds instead of salty ones. Almonds improves mood and provides with energy. They also contain useful fats, vitamin B, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese. Almonds are one of the main sources of vegetable proteins, they contain the same percentage of proteins as lean meat.


Olives is not a product that everybody likes. However, they contain more than 100 biologically active substances, including vitamins A and E, which reduce cholesterol levels and prevents from heart and vascular diseases. If you eat at least 10 olives every day, you also prevent yourself from gastric ulcer. In addition, olives are beneficial for your skin and helps fighting against obesity.


Carrots contain carotene which is easily absorbed. They are extremely useful for your skin, especially if you suffer from acne. You should also include carrots in the menu if you have vision problems. Carrots have antiseptic, urine and bile driving qualities which relieve pain, helps clear one’s throat and prevents from sclerosis. Fresh carrots can be eaten every day.


If you really want to eat, you can have some chocolate. Most importantly is to know when to stop. One piece of chocolate is an ideal dose which will simulate your immune system. Choose dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. It is not only healthier but also suppresses appetite.


This is the main source of serotonin which is called a happiness hormone. Bananas are not only delicious but they also contain phosphorus, natural sweeteners – sucrose, fructose and glucose and are high in fiber. Bananas cleanse toxins from your body, strengthen immune system and are useful to calm your nerves and provide better sleep. The smell of bananas inhibits appetite.



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