What you didn’t know about Botox?

What you didn’t know about Botox?

How do people fight against aging? Some just live with that, some try everything except plastic surgery and some are ready even for the most radical changes. One of the most common remedy against wrinkles – Botox;

Botulin injections temporarily remove expression wrinkles and that becomes popular all over the world. Botulin is a purified protein based product that can suspend nerve impulses which allows muscles to relax. Expression wrinkles occur because of unconscious facial muscles movement. They can occur even at the young age, for example, because of stress.

To remove wrinkles Botulin is introduced to the places where expression wrinkles occur with a special needle. Usually it is done of the forehead, eye corners and upper lip. These injections are not dangerous for moving eyelids or blinking. The effect lasts for about 6 months and a person partly learns to control his facial expressions.

Injection complications are very rare; however, you must consult some specialist before doing that. Sometimes you can have headaches, symptoms similar to flu or nausea. Complications occur it Botulin is not used properly. It can lock certain muscles and mimic wrinkles that are needed. However, with time the effect disappears itself.

Botox can also help to treat increased sweating. There are no age restrictions to have these injections. However, the injections can be repeated only 3 times as later it becomes ineffective as our body can get used to it.



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