What you have to know about garlic?

What you have to know about garlic?

Garlic is a natural and very popular vegetable that can help to protect your body from many problems. Here are some of its properties that are useful to know.

Protection against infections. Garlic has been used as a treatment for various infections for a long time. Sometimes their active ingredients (diallyl-sulfide) disrupt bacterial walls better than some antibiotics. Garlic extract helps to fight against staphylococci, dysentery, diphtheria and some other diseases. It is also an effective mean to fight against viruses. Basically, garlic can help both from flu and other more serious problems.

Immunity. Garlic activates our immune system. It stimulates production of antibodies that protect body from external and internal enemies.

Diabetes. Animal tests have shown that garlic prevents diabetes development. Garlic regulates insulin activity instead of just reducing the level of sugar in your blood.

Heart and blood vessel diseases. Garlic lowers blood pressure, levels of triglyceride, expands blood vessels and improves blood circulation. It also prevents heart problems. Garlic is also known to thin blood and prevent clots. This way it helps to avoid heart attack and stroke.

Cancer. Garlic has very strong antioxidant properties and it improves body’s ability to resist cancer. Some studies show that garlic also slows down development of cancer.


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