What you need to know about glaucoma?

What you need to know about glaucoma?

Do your relatives have glaucoma? You may probably know that it leaded by heredity.  So how often should you check your eyes?

At first visual acuity is checked when the baby is born. Then family doctor checks baby’s eyes when he reaches the age of 9 months and later when he turns 3 years old. The last obligatory eye-check is before a child starts going to school. After that everyone check their eyes on demand. Elderly people should check visual acuity once a year.  At this age they usually check eye pressure with a special machine which allows suspecting glaucoma.

Worse vision, blurred image, headaches, eye itching, tearing, photophobia are the symptoms when a patient should consult eye doctor. Gradually weakening eyesight may be a consequence of glaucoma. Because of this disease you can slowly lose your vision. Glaucoma develops without any sudden changes or obvious symptoms.

In case of glaucoma, a patient will have to use special eye drops all his life.  If these eye drops are used regularly and at the early stage of glaucoma, it can be stopped.

Glaucoma mainly affects older people and this is disease becomes more and more popular. People with high blood pressure or diabetes are at higher risk to get this disease.


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