What you should know about herpes virus?

What you should know about herpes virus?

Herpes virus infection is a generic term that represents a group of infections that are caused by Herpesviridae family of viruses. There are 8 types of herpes that can harm human body. It is considered to be the most popular virus in the human population and if you have any symptoms of it, you should first of all think about possible cause of herpes. Herpes virus is raging around the world and it can be transmitted in a variety of ways: sexually, just by touching, exchanging items or even during labor.

It is believed that at least 90% of human population has at least one type of herpes. However, whether it is going to show up or not depends a lot on the immunity. There is one myth about occurrence and treatment of herpes virus. Some people say that we all have this virus so we should not treat it. in fact, most people don’t have any symptoms of having herpes. For those who have weak immunity (and in rare cases for healthy ones) herpes can damage different organs and even cause several clinical pathologies (encephalitis, pneumonia, hepatitis, etc.). This type of infection must be diagnosed and treated. So despite the fact that many of us have this virus, it is very important to know what caused its occurrence and what is the form of infection.



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