What’s Asthenopia?

What’s Asthenopia?

Asthenopia is the eye strain which appears gradually after eyes have been taxed for a long period of time, like hours of intensive work or driving. This disorder when the eye loses its ability to focus the image can occur at any age and any form of vision loss – sometimes it may even lead a person to blindness.

So, how can we help for our eyes? There are many ways. For example, make a short, five-minute break after intensively working with your eyes. Just close your eyes and massage your face with gentle circular motions – this will help the eye muscles to relax. Additionally, you can try this: close your eyes whenever you can because it’s the best way to relax them the most as they aren’t irritated by the light. When drinking tea during your lunch breaks, you can not only close your eyes, but also cover them with wet teabags. It would be perfect if the tea is made from natural hers. Just be careful and don’t put too hot tea bags on your eyes to avoid harm.]

Another great way to help your eyes is covering them with your palms, so they would be protected from linght. Warm your hands by rubbing each to other and cover your eyes with them. It this way you will avoid the sun light trying to reach your eyes and interrupt relaxing moment. If you spend much time or work at computer very often, you must take a break every two to three hours. Try to continue your break no less than ten or fifteen minutes.

It is important not only how much time you work with your eyes taxed, but it is also important how you work: make sure that you are not too close to the computer screen, book or TV – the distance should not be less than 50 cm. Proper light is also very important to avoid making them tired immediately. 



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