When you want something sweet

When you want something sweet

No matter how strict diet you are following, sometimes you can make a little sin and eat something sweet. But what to choose when you want something sweet so badly that even fruits and berries do not help?

Some of the sweets are just empty calories, but some of them are quite nutritious. Make sure to choose something that gives you a sense of satiety, that is nutritious and don’t forget to limit the portion!

Marzipan. At least a quarter of it consists of ground almonds. This way you will not only please your taste receptors but also get some beneficial fats, B group vitamins and minerals.

Gingerbread. The band news is that it contains many calories. The good news is that it almost has no fat. The most important thing is to stick to good portion. One gingerbread is ok, but if you eat few of them, you may need to go to the gym later and work out a lot there.

Rice pudding with fruit. Carbohydrates and milk protein will give you a sense of satiety, calcium will strengthen your bones and fruit will give you lots of fiber.

A piece of bitter chocolate. You won’t eat lots of it and it’s hard, bitter and it doesn’t melt as quickly as milk chocolate. A piece of bitter chocolate will provide you energy.

Peanut butter. It is made of peanuts, almonds and sesame. Peanut butter contains 25 per cent less fat than an ordinary butter. It has lots of protein, vitamin C and zinc.

Latte. Sweet coffee with milk foam can become your favourite dessert. Caffeine provides energy and milk contains calcium. Latte will warm you up and provide a feeling of satiety.



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