Whiten your teeth at home

Whiten your teeth at home

At a young age, most of us don’t think much about the color of our teeth and do nothing for protecting the enamel. However, when people enter their thirties, they usually notice that the color of their teeth has begun to change … So, why our teeth become darker?

The most common causes are the drinks coloring our teeth, like black coffee, tea, red wine and others. The similar situation is with the food – if you eat such products as beetroot, you teeth may become darker very quickly. However, the most serious agent that makes our teeth to change their color is smoking because cigarettes are the poison not only for our lungs but also for our teeth.

The easiest and also the most difficult way to keep the whiteness of your teeth whiter is honest daily cleaning, done every morning and evening. Just follow typical procedures of dental hygiene and also try cleaning them after each meal if possible. Be sure that you rinse your teeth with water or a special flushing liquid. Additionally, choose those toothbrushes that help to protect the teeth against tooth decay. Since the decay is usually found near the gum, it gradually starts affecting dental enamel and gradually changes its color to unpleasant yellow. So, the most important thing in trying to keep your teeth white is taking care of them all the time!

To keep your teeth whiter, also decrease the amount of coffee and strong tea that has been researched to be the most powerful agents changing teeth color. No matter how strange it may sound, you should also avoid too hot and too cold drinks because they also affect tooth color.


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