Why do people snore?

Why do people snore?

Lots of people snore regardless their age and gender. This annoying habit that appears while sleeping is usually not treated the way it should. Actually snoring can be a sign of serious ailments.

Even small children or newborn babies can snore. There are many reasons of this, but the most likely one is accumulation of mucus in the nose. Adenoids cannot be ignored either. In order to find out the cause of child’s snoring, you should consult the doctor.

One of the most common reasons why young people snore is acute respiratory tract disease. Nasal mucosa swell, airway lumen decreases which is a reason why we start snoring. Once the nose is treated, snoring disappears.

Another cause why young people snore may be sleeping posture. Usually we snore laying on our back during deep sleep phase. During this sleep phase our body relaxes and we start snoring.

Older people have a greater chance to snore. When people get old, their soft palate and tongue muscles get weaker. They are no longer able to maintain required airway lumen. When they breath in, soft palate vibrates and the sound that appears is called snoring.

One more reason of snoring is overweight. Fat of the neck make pressure to the airway and snoring occurs. Other causes of snoring – incorrect nasal septum, increased tonsils, decreased thyroid function, chronic fatigue, smoking.

How to stop snoring? The easiest way to stop snoring is to turn the person who sleeps on the other side. If the reason of snoring is overweight – first of all you should try to get rid of extra kilos. Usually that’s enough to stop snoring or at least snore less. There are also medications from snoring that you can find in the farmacy. Don’t forget to consult your doctor before buying it.



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