Why do we must use antibiotics in moderation?

Why do we must use antibiotics in moderation?

Have you heard that the use of antibiotics not only can be useless but it can be dangerous for your health as well? Have you known that antibiotics don’t treat the common cold or flu symptoms and causes? Being called as antimicrobial agents, antibiotics effectively kill bacteria or stop their growth, so they are recommended when trying to effectively combat against influenza, pneumonia, blood infections, HIV and herpes. However, being created for stopping bacterial infections, antibiotics are often used for treating viral diseases such as colds, flu or cold sores. However, using these drugs for such diseases is not recommended.

Wrongfully considered as exceptional and capable to cure all possible diseases, antibiotics were called as a miraculous cure. In the beginning, people started to use them for the treatment of bacterial diseases, but as soon as people began to get well, they started to think that antibiotics can be used against all possible ailments. However, nowadays doctors announce that taking antibiotics too often can even hurt your health. Using too much and inappropriate antibiotics accelerates the antibiotic-resistant bacteria grow.

Therefore, antibiotic-sensitive bacteria are killed and antibiotic-resistant ones get ability to grow and multiply. In addition, they can spread and cause infections in people who don’t use antibiotics. Thus, antimicrobial resistance is a public health problem and the main its reason – often use of antibiotics.
Rational use of antibiotics should be an important thing for each member of our publicity because only a responsible use of antibiotics will help us protect our future generations.


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