Why mineral water is the best for drinking?

Why mineral water is the best for drinking?

Studies have shown that mineral water is the healthiest water above all and has the biggest positive effect on our health. Mineral water is a completely natural product, having no preservatives and keeping numerous of its natural substances the same no matter how It is treated. Here are the substances you will get if you drink a bottle of mineral water:

* Calcium. This mineral is vital in order to maintain normal density of your bones. If you choose drinking mineral water every day, your bones will become stronger and the risk for bone diseases such as osteoporosis will be decreased to the minimum.
* Magnesium. This mineral strengthens human’s immune system and effectively helps in fighting with infections.
* Sulphates. They help to remove toxins and clean the body.
* Iron. This is a very important substance which rejuvenates the skin and improves physical appearance. Iron helps to supply oxygen to all body cells and gives us energy.
Mineral water is also rich in many other important and beneficial minerals such as sodium, zinc, potassium and chloride.

Studies have also revealed that people suffering from tooth decay can avoid this disease if they drink mineral water. In addition, mineral water also has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to relieve pain. It is advisable using it especially for those people who suffer from joint pain and swelling. Mineral water is also very useful for human’s heart and vascular health because it reduces the level of bad cholesterol.
Every pregnant woman knows that she must get plenty of fluids. Instead of water from the tap, they should choose the mineral water because it contains many nutrients that also reach the baby.

Note: Though it is very useful, mineral water is rich in mineral salts that sometimes should be avoided. If you are suffering from pancreatitis, drinking mineral water is strictly prohibited. Besides, you should consult with your doctor if you have problems with stomach, liver or kidneys. It is better to choose non-carbonated mineral water because carbon dioxide can also cause unwanted processes in your body.


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