Why people suffer from spring depression?

Why people suffer from spring depression?

If you dream only about cutting down everything you do at the moment and going somewhere no one knows you, it is necessary to think about seasonal depression that comes to visit many people in spring.

Seasonal depression is called the continuously lasting bad mood which is closely associated with a certain time of year. Experts exclude autumn, winter and spring depression. Autumn and winter leads us to a bad mood by itself: most of us can’t ignore disgusting weather, cold and lack of light or other things. However, it seems that it should be difficult to find a link between words “spring” and “depression” at the first glance: nature wakes up from hibernation, snow starts melting, sun that starts shining brighter and the birds start to sing… It seems that we should only enjoy. However, there are people who start suffering from the depressed mood, sadness, drowsiness, insomnia, weakness and fatigue on this time. According to scientists, every other adult living in our planet feels some signs of spring depression.

According to experts, spring depression comes because that it’s a transitional period of the year between winter and warm summer. On the one hand, this is the time when everything awakens from the winter slumber, on the other hand – it’s unstable period, with colds, rains and some shiny days. Such weather changes can’t be easily ignored even by the healthiest people. Influenced by spring and vitamin deficiency, these changes have unnoticeable impact on our body as well: many people report about various chronic diseases, hurting joints, back or other parts of the body. Don’t forget about sun exposure – light activates the production of hormones that cause hormonal storms. Keep in mind that woman’s body is extremely sensitive for such changes!


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