Why should men see their doctor now!

Why should men see their doctor now!

According to some research made, half of men between the age of 18 and 50 avoid seeing a doctor and though it sounds surprisingly, 40 percent of them have even NEVER had their cholesterol tested after the age of 40! The biggest problem is that avoiding checkup leads to passing important symptoms of various diseases what may even cause fatal mistake. So, if you haven’t scheduled your doctor’s appointment yet, read these reasons:

Heart. Even the first heart attack in human’s life may be the cause of death, so make sure you plan the appointment with your doctor to see if this attack is not coming. Doctors exclude two symptoms of heart attack that are closely connected to fitness regimen: shortness of breath during light activity and slight chest pain when exercising. So, if you start feeling any discomforts, such as short of breath, muscle strain, heartburn or fatigue, say about this to your doctor to find the right medication.

Blood. According to doctors, everyone should be tested for diabetes because it may double your age of dying, cause cardiovascular disease in the future, initiates eye problems or may even increase the possibility of cancer. Although it is not an infectious disease, diabetes trends to spread more actively these days and if you are on the verge of developing it, your doctor could help you to stop it. If you have no problems with related to high blood pressure, cholesterol or a family history, then you should —screening should begin immediately.

Skin. In America, 3.5 million of new skin cancer cases are found each year and two-thirds of them are men. However, early detection could stop even the deadliest form of melanoma because it starts developing on the surface of the skin and can be seen. In most cases, melanoma starts hurting you after one year of developing, so that’s why you must see dermatologist ever year.


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