Why should you eat 6 olives every day?

Why should you eat 6 olives every day?

Green and black, large and completely tiny, pickled, marinated, salted, filled with lemon, anchovies and shrimp or other filling – olives are special.

When the body lacks of vitamin A, person starts noticing vision problems, weak immunity, various biting colds and skin problems. The deficiency of Vitamin B affects his heart and nervous system. Besides, liver and stomach also goes on strike. Additionally, the lack of vitamin C reduces the bones’ tissue, blood vessels and teeth. According to experts, all this can be avoided if you eat 6 olives every day.

In addition to vitamins A, B and C, olives are also rich in vitamins E, D and K which strengthen bones and stomach walls. When going to get some meal, eat 3-4 olives that will act as stimulating and appetite-enhancing tool. They are perfect for people who complain about the lack of appetite or indigestion, so put some olives into your salad: 5-6 olives per day will be enough for you to fulfill your body with vitamins, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids.

Olives are very rich in various biologically active substances, such as vitamin P and vitamin E that protect cells from harmful free radicals. If you suffer from pain in your head, you can eat olives instead of medications because they are also rich in painkiller called oleokantalio. 6-8 olives will also be enough for you to keep your bowels act positively because of the fiber and olive oil.

French scientists have found that regular consumption of olives will reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke by 84 percent. However, try not to be abused with olives because they contain much oil what means they have many calories. More than a third of the fruit is oil, so remember, 100 g black olives contains 360 calories, green – 123 calories.


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  1. Ali nasr says:

    Im surprised of huge benefits of olives really its a true natural treasure

  2. carlbonavia87@gmail.com says:

    Very true also very nutritious for you

  3. Roger rowley says:

    What with olives is fiber The only kind of fiber I know I one who tells lies

  4. Barb says:

    How many olives would I need to eat to lowers my cholesterol I also take lorazepam for anxiety can olives help that

  5. Ananta Kishore Parida says:

    How Olive fruits are benefit for weight loss, decrease Diabet, decrease bad cholesterol, improve memory power. Decrease depression.

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