Why should you never peel the apple

Why should you never peel the apple

Those who peel the apple before eating may be voluntarily refusing the effective weapon helping to fight against unwanted kilos. The researchers have conducted an experiment with mice which results have showed that apple peel is rich in a special chemical compound – ursoline acid – that may be helping people to get rid of the overweight by increasing muscle mass and speeding up calorie burning processes.

According to the research with mice, it has been revealed undeniable benefits of the apple peel. During the experiment, all mice were given foods that were rich in fats and one half of them was also given foods rich in ursoline acid. As a result, although those mice that were given ursoline acid enriched foods consumed more food, they gained less weight. In addition, experts found that those mice have an increase in their muscle mass and physical endurance. It is important to note the fact that mice that were given acid-rich foods, also managed to maintain normal blood sugar levels, needed to stay healthy, and avoid liver disease that are usually attributed to overweight.

Researchers have found that body’s mechanism which is responsible for the fight against obesity and its consequences consists of two major parts. The study which was led by Professor Christopher Adams explained – muscle tissue is characterized as a great calorie burner and ursoline acid helps to form this tissue. The relationship is clear – ursoline acid stimulates the muscles what helps in calorie burning processes. While academics discuss about this sort of information, they agree that usroline acid increases the material called ‘the brown fat’ in the body which is ideal fat burner.

As you can see, eating at least one apple a day is certainly a good thing if you want to get rid of some weight.


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