Why should you start using oil for your hands?

Why should you start using oil for your hands?

When the weather cools down, our face and hands become very dry and start to itch, while our lips – to crack. You may have tried various expensive creams but they haven’t been working effectively for more than few hours? If you also suffer from the dry skin discomfort, read the tips on what to avoid and how to care after your during the winter.

According to medicine experts, some people’s skin naturally produces too little fat, so it quickly dries out. In summer, these people do not feel discomfort, but during the cold season – from the fall to the early spring – their skin condition noticeably gets worse. If the skin doesn’t get enough fat, it becomes tightened and irritated. Eventually, this may lead to inflammation, which not only makes the skin dry, but rough, red and irritated as well.

Skin irritation may appear after spending lots of time in cold winter water. It also gets irritated by hot water, all the washing and skin care products because they remove the fat produced by our skin and make it even drier. If you want to keep your skin beautiful, you should also avoid all the cleaning and laundry products, rubber gloves, latex products, chromium salts, aniline dyes, even your favorite creams and other skin care products enriched with chamomile.

However, there is one remedy – to refresh your dehydrated skin, you can simply start using oil on it. It can be applied not only to your hands or lips, but on the entire body, including the face, as well. Try olive, coconut, sesame, sunflower, almond or avocado oils. If you have put too much oil on your skin, dry off the excess with a paper towel. You should also cover your hands with oil before any household works – this will help for the skin to hold its moisture. 


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