Why whole milk is better than low-fat milk?

Why whole milk is better than low-fat milk?

Though our society is completely obsessed with diets,  low-fat food, etc. it’s not always the best choice. Low-fat doesn’t really mean healthy, it basically means that you will get less calories. But is it always the best choice?
the reality is that drinking whole milk, eating full-fat yogurt, cream cheese and sour cream is much better for our body than we could imagine. These products not only taste better but they are also better for your health and your weight.

This happens for several reasons. First of all, our bodies cannot digest protein and absord calcium from milk that contains too little fat.  The second thing is that vitamins A and D are also fat-solube. They cannot be absorbed without any fat either.

Milk fat contains glycosphingolipids which are related to methabolism and immune system health. besides, the lates studies show that eating saturated fat increase good cholesterol that your body needs.
The healthiest foods are not processed foods. Nutritiens in whole foods have a natural synergy with one another. In other words, they complete each other. Low fat milk doesnt have the whole package of nutrients as some of them were removed with a fat.

Finally, whole milk will not add weight on you. you have to distinguish good fats and bad fats. Only in this way we will ensure a proper body composition and long-term weight maintainence.


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