Why women should never start smoking

Why women should never start smoking

At least once in their lives, most of the women try to smoke or inhale the smoke. Ones do that because they try to adapt to the company more easily, others – in order to calm down in stressful situations or just because of the simple curiosity. However, no matter what are the reasons of smoking, the truth is that all cigarettes have the same effect on our health which is, of course, damaging. 

Though according to a biological point of view woman’s body is stronger than man’s, smoking poses a bigger harm for women. This is due to the lower lung volume in woman’s body what leads to more accelerated smoke metabolism and quicker body’s intoxication.

Smoking is particularly harmful during the pregnancy and breastfeeding period. Because of the smoking, mother receives a dose of harmful substances and sends them for her baby together with her poisoned milk. The worst thing is that the baby’s body (differently to his mother’s) doesn’t fight against smoking-related diseases. It should be kept in mind that smoking and pregnancy – incompatible!

Smoking addiction has numerous negative consequences for a woman and may lead to pulmonary sarcoma, skin cancer, tuberculosis and other diseases. Besides, there are other reasons why woman should stop smoking – smokers always looks older than they are in fact, suffer from the bad breath and yellowish eyeballs.

If you smoke, try to quit. However, you shouldn’t fall for electronic cigarettes. While their manufacturers offer to use their product because it poses less harm than traditional cigarettes, the risk still remains. According to experts, although the electronic cigarettes are not as dangerous as the real ones, they can’t be called as safe. If you also try to give up smoking, search for the replacement cigarette – start taking up the sports or other activity that could help you to forget this harmful addiction.


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