Why you should cut down on sugar

Why you should cut down on sugar

American scientists are convinced that sugar is toxic and its consumption must be regulated as strictly as a consumption of cigarettes or alcohol. They warn that sweet foods and drinks are highly responsible for health problems such as obesity, heart disease, cancer and liver diseases. In addition, scientists claim that sugar should be blamed for 35 million deaths each year and that’s why it is necessary to control sugar sales with a help of special laws and taxes. However, it must be added that various researches have shown that little consumption of sugar does not cause any problems and only large quantities of sugar lead us to slow death.

Authors argue that nowadays obesity is much bigger problem than global weakness that is initiated by malnutrition and big consumption of the sugar. Sugar not only leads people to obesity but also changes their metabolism, raises blood pressure, unbalances hormone levels in the liver and does other changes to our body. According to doctors, this damage is similar to the damage of excessive alcohol consumption.

However, not all scientists have this negative attitude against sugar. Some of them believe that sugar can be toxic and dangerous for us only when it is used by unrealistic levels and if we want to start emergency action in the fight against heart and other diseases, it is wrong to focus exclusively on sugar consumption. There are many other factors and food ingredients that should be avoided, claim nutrition experts, and only a balanced and varied diet together with active lifestyle can help people to prevent some of the diseases.


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