Winter hair care

Winter hair care

When weather becomes cold, we are unnoticeably encouraged to take care of warm clothes for our body and oily creams for our face. However, we don’t even think that we must take care of our hair as well and protect them against the colds. According to hair stylists, even in warm climate zones, like Hollywood, living celebrities take a closer look to their care in the winter time. Such starts as Jennifer Aniston or Cameron Diaz use a rich mask every three days, get the head massage and refuse to use hair straightening and shaping tools.

The biggest and the most common problem in the beginning of winter time is the increased dryness of the hair. On the cold period of the year, women still continue to use hair dryers, so their hair becomes dry very fast. The problem appears because of the temperature difference (we keep entering heated place from the outside or vice versa) but such situation is not hopeless. First of all, you should refuse to use strengtheners or other shaping tools and also be careful with the hairdryer as well. You should simply allow your hair to dry naturally for a month to see how your hair condition improves.

Despite the massive selection in hair care products, designers also offer to try natural recipes to improve your hair. The easiest way is just heating the olive oil and applying it on your hair for few hours before washing the head. The result is silky and shining hair. Recipe can be supplemented with the fresh avocado and egg, for example. In addition, you should also try every ten days, before washing the hair, just rub them with warm castor oil to restore their shine.


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