Winter season brings back cold

Winter season brings back cold

Cold is one of the most common illnesses around the world. Most of the time it occurs in winter, especially, if it’s a wet winter with lots of rains, etc. The symptms of cold are basically the same every time: sneezing, runny nose, caughing. Such symptoms helps cold to be distributed all over the area where the infected one is. Sneezes can throw the virus anywhere and later on people can get infected when touching the area with a virus and later touching their face, noise, eyes or mouth.

Even though the real cold usually lasts only for couple of days, people are usually contagious from one week up to 10 days. Additionally to already mentioned symptoms, you may also cough, have muscle aches, headache, sore throat, lose your appetite, etc.

In order to get rid of cold or at least decrease its negative effects, you should drink plenty of fluids, especially hot drinks. Chicken soup may also be included among hot fluids as it’s hot and salty which helps fight the cold. Usually you may need taking some medications as well, though antibiotics are not eften used to treat “common cold”. It is also recommended to have Vitamin C and Zinc supplements in order to treat cold faster and avoid any side effects.

As winter is already here, don’t forget that it is very likely you will get cold. Make sure to eat healthy food, including lots of fruits and vegatables that provides vitamins to your body. Wash you hands often too to decrease any chance to be infected by a virus which causes cold.


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