Winter skin care

Winter skin care

It is said that there is no bad weather, only the clothes that are not properly chosen. The same could be said about our skin care which is the first, without any protection, feeling all the changes of the weather. Our skin is greatly affected not only by cold, but sudden temperature changes as well. After all, when we leave warm and dry room and go outside, the temperature can change by several tens of degrees. Sudden temperature changes affect our skin tissues and blood vessels that feed them and over time initiate facial redness.

Snow, moisture and cold also affect its protective hydrolipidic mantle. That leads to skin dryness, it becomes more sensitive and may start to its elasticity. This is what most of the women suffer from. When trying to avoid this, it is important to make sure that the cream used in the winter is not too much fat. Thick, oily, enriched with various vegetable oils and vitamins creams should be used only if you are going to be outdoors for a long time. In a warm environment creams that are too fat pinch pores and do not allow it to move free. Changes in the temperature also make to stretch and shrink collagen and elastic fibers. To be sure about your skin’s protection, look for a cream, which is not based on water (or oil and water). Such “rich” nourishing lotion creates a protective film on the surface of the skin and prevents the loss of moisture which is inside the skin.

However, you beauty experts recommend avoiding all moisturizing creams that have liquid, water-based texture. These creams provide moisture to the skin for a very short time and don’t provide the protective lipid film which gives a very powerful skin barrier and tends to balance skin and prevent constant irritation.


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