Women who have problems with heart can still drink coffee

Women who have problems with heart can still drink coffee

Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain) researchers have made a study that put in some fuel to the fire because scientists still can’t agree on the coffee and if it is relatively harmful or useful drink. According to Spanish doctors, those women who drink two cups of coffee every day live much longer than those who don’t drink coffee at all. Though it sounds surprisingly and break earlier found facts and recommendations, women are now recommended to drink this drink on a daily basis.

This time, researchers have carried out about 12 thousand of people health research. Most of these people had a heart attack or stroke. The researchers found out that people who regularly drink coffee with caffeine haven’t been in a greater danger of dying earlier than those who haven’t drink coffee more than 20 years. The risk hasn’t increased even with those women who drink 4 or more cups of coffee a day!

According to a leader of this study Dr. Esther Lopez-Garcia, 62 percent of women who have suffered heart attack, continued to drink the coffee even after the diagnosis of disease. During the investigation it was found that 1159 women died in 2004 but there was the same number of coffee drinkers and non drinkers among them. Therefore, the leader of this research concludes that serious coffee lovers can maintain their habit.

Dr. Esther Lopez-Garcia does not deny the fact that it is difficult to draw conclusions for all patients because coffee may initiate problems with heart. However, in most cases genes is the most important factor which leads to cardiovascular disease.


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