Women’s sleep

Women’s sleep

If you are not stuck in childhood, when 12 hours of sleep is completely normal thing, now you should probably feel tired. No matter what is the cause of such feeling – whether it’s your boss, who doesn’t want to admit that the rest of the world are enjoying life after five o’clock or your two-year old child who refuses to sleep, result is the same: sleepy eyes and thoughts about getting into the bed. Everyone knows that lack of sleep is bad for everyone. However, the researchers have found that women are more likely to suffer from sleep deprivation than men.

According to some studies, women tend to sleep more deeply than men and rarely wake up at night. They are also able to work better after sleepless night, so it can be assumed that women are more satisfied with sleep. However, men say that they are the ones who are more satisfied with their sleep, its quality and quantity. Why? According to experts, life changes such as pregnancy and menopause can disturb women’s sleep, not to mention the result of being incapable to turn off your brain completely at night, even when asleep. Even if it looks like a deep sleep, the researchers have revealed that some parts of the brain are still working out and some processed such as glucose metabolism are going on.

Though it may sound sad for women, there is some good news for them – different types of sleep may just mean that women will be living longer and healthier. According to some professors of Psychiatry, women sleep longer than men and they are healthier than men too. It may be that these two things relate! So, if you have been suffering from the lack of sleep, try to find some time for recover. However, it seems like sometimes it can be good for you!


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