Work out outdoors in summer

Work out outdoors in summer

Summer is the time when the last thing you want to do is sweat in the gym. Much better alternative for this is exercising outside.


Swimming is ideal for those people who have problems with joints as swimming does not load joints. It is also beneficial for your heart, blood circulation and lungs. If you swim regularly at least for 30 minutes or one hour, you will increase the number of your heartbeat and your heart muscle will work more efficiently. Swimming also cures the spine, asthma and other respiratory diseases. It also helps to lose weight. In one hour you can burn about 700-1000 kcal depending of how your swim.


Cycling has a positive effect on your entire body as almost all your muscles are working. Cycling improves your metabolism, heart, trains your muscles and burns fat. Choose a distance you want to cycle and intensity according on your physical strength. Everything depends on location too. In one hour you can burn about 500 calories.


The most popular game for summer is definitely volleyball. This game strengthens all muscles of your body. It activates blood circulation, improves heart function and burns fat. Volleyball also provides energy, helps to relax and forget troubles. In one hour you will burn about 400 calories.


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