Worst workout foods

Worst workout foods

You definitely don’t want your diet to affect your sports performance and future results. That’s why you should pay attention to this list of products that are recommended to study before sports. 

Salty foods (roasted nuts)
While nuts are a great snack and may be useful for weight loss, most of them are salted and salted products may interfere with fluid balance in the body. Avoid cheese products at any price before the workout! Use just a little salt to give the flavor for your dishes but try to avoid foods such as cured ham, roasted nuts, breakfast sausage and potato chips.
Dairy products
Although milk products must be included in healthy diet, nourishment received from them before a workout can make you feel lazy. Most athletes do not consume dairy products two hours before and after their workout. In addition, it is recommended not to use dairy products, if you’re suffering from increased acidity or frequent burping.
Do not get us wrong: we love such healthy foods as humus – the Middle East spread, traditionally made from chickpea and sesame paste. However, it’s recommended not to eat it before your workout because this product has lots of carbohydrates uncomfortably blowing the belly.
Flax seed
In order to avoid this unpleasant thing, limit the use of fiber to 2 hours before the workout. Before the start of exercising, you should choose a combination of protein and carbohydrates. Besides, don’t eat just flax seed. You should also consume other sources of fiber – bran, whole grain bread, porridge. Although flax seed is very useful for the body and it has been approved to help to get rid of overweight, they are high in fiber which may cause abdominal pain when working out.


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