Your house can make you fat!

Your house can make you fat!

Have you heard that with a help of certain aromas you can make yourself more energetic and increase the likelihood of exercising. Make your body happy with jasmine that has been approved to increase activeness or put a bunch of lavender in your bedroom to sleep better and avoid weight gain. Besides, scents of green apple or peppermint should stop you thinking about food. According to one study, the smell of peppermint helped people to eat 2,700 fewer calories each week than they were used to before.

When filling your fridge, try to keep all your healthy food in the line of your eye sight because that’s what you are more likely to eat.  Keeping natural yogurt, fruits, vegetables or other figure-friendly snacks will save you from overeating. According to nutritionists, seeing means eating and if you see chocolate mousse, a piece of cake or avocado dip in front of you, you will definitely take a bite. Some women even say that they always have a plate of various fruits cut into pieces and ready for snacking. Use this idea because you’re more likely to forget those unhealthy things if you don’t see them.

According to experts, yellow and red are the colors that push us into overeating because they make all foods to look more appetizing.  Trying to avoid this, it’s recommended eating in blue-painted places that may even help you to eat 33 percent less.

Trying to make your shapes happy, you are recommended changing your big serving bowls and plates with the smaller ones. Psychologists say, that when people eat their food from a small plate, they start feeling full much earlier than when they eat from a large one. Besides, the width of glasses is also important thing because they can help to drink less and get more calories in this way.


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