6 myths about nutrition

6 myths about nutrition

Late dinner makes you gain weight, pineapples naturally burn calories, fresh bread will make you feel abdominal pain. True or false? Check out the top ten myths about eating ahbits.

Potatoes make you fat

Absolutely not true! Comparing to other products, potatoes may help you to keep you weight the same. One serving of potatoes (150 g) contains only 104 calories. The same quantity of rice has 162 and pasta 209 calories. It’s better to resist French fries. One serving of it has 263 calories.

Salt increases blood pressure

Salt thickens water, so it raises the level of water in your body and this way blood pressure increases. A study with rats has shown that animals that got salty food had their blood pressure increased. However, people don’t consume that much of salt and only in exceptional cases it creates a problem.

Vitamin overdoses can be fatal

People that use large quantities of vitamins without consulting their doctors can really damage their health. For example, an overdose of vitamin C may induce laxative effects and an overdose of vitamin B may cause neurological disorders. Meanwhile, pregnant women can harm fetal development if they overdose vitamin A. However, scientists emphasize that such effects can be expected only because of vitamin preparations. You don’t have to limit the amount of vegetables and fruits you eat.

Spinach is the best source of iron

In 1890, it was estimated that 100 g of dried spinach contain 35 milligrams of iron. Later this ratio was calculated once again using fresh spinach. 90 per cent of fresh spinach is water, so this first percentage had to be divided by 10. Furthermore, iron is assimilated easier from animal origin of food.

Late dinner makes you fat

Those who eat a lot during the day and have big dinner shouldn’t be surprised to gain couple of kilos as they exceed recommended daily calorie intake. It’s possible to refuse dinner however, the result will be the same as if you refuse breakfast or lunch.

Fresh bread causes abdominal pain

People that are more sensitive should be careful about eating fresh bread as this makes you accumulate gases. However, fresh bread is not related to abdominal pain in any way.



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