After completing a diet

After completing a diet

So the diet is completed but what to do now in order not to get all kilos back? The main goal now is to maintain the weight. Everybody knows that this part is much more difficult than the diet itself. Here are some tips what to do in order to avoid yo-yo effect.

1. Spend less time watching TV. If you are constantly sitting that means your body is accumulating extra fat cells. Besides, most people like to snack watching TV and sometimes it is very difficult to control that.

2. Try to eat lean food. You have a variety of choices: soups, salad, vegetable stew and so on. You can have very tasty and healthy dishes. Forget fast food for good. Eat 3-5 times per day in small portions. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day despite you like it or not. Do not rush when eating, chew well. This way you will eat less.

3. Think if you are hungry before eating. Maybe you are just thirsty?

4. Don’t forget to sleep well. 8 hours of sleep is essential if you don’t want to have problems with weight.

5. Weight yourself every morning. If you see that your weight is stable, you are doing well. If not, maybe it is time to make some conclusions.


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