Calcium and Vitamin D will help you to lose more weight

Calcium and Vitamin D will help you to lose more weight

Scientists have recently announced that people who get more calcium and vitamin D with their food can easily drop more weight. It was revealed after doing a two-year study which involved more than 300 overweight men and women whose age ranged from 40 to 65 years. The study participants followed a low-fat, Mediterranean or low-carbohydrate diets.
During the test period and regardless of the diet which was chosen, overweight men and women who have been using more calcium lost about 12 pounds of their weight, while others, who have been receiving a minimum quantity of calcium, got rid of an average 7 pounds. Researchers also found out that weight loss and vitamin D are associated because, as the blood tests revealed, those, who successfully lost more weight, had more vitamin D in their blood.

According to the test authors, it has been already known that overweight people have less vitamin D in their bodies, but for the first time it was found out that after dropping some weight the quantity of vitamin D increases!
Normally, human skin is known to synthesize vitamin D in a direct sunlight which additionally helps in receiving calcium. However, older people, especially those who live in the northern countries, rarely get enough sun, so they definitely should start using supplements to generate the adequate vitamin D level because this lack may increase health risks.

Vitamin D can be received from fatty cold-water fish, like salmon, mackerel and herring. You should also start using fish oil and egg yolks if you want to increase Vitamin D level in your body. The main food sources of calcium are milk and milk products (especially cheese), mineral water, cereals, beef, fish, soy, nuts, sunflower seeds, cabbage, broccoli, strawberries, pears, plums. So, pay attention to the food you are eating if you want to keep your weight perfect or lose some pounds.


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