Cinnamon helps to reduce sugar levels in blood

Cinnamon helps to reduce sugar levels in blood

Diabetes is a disease when body mechanisms maintaining normal concentration of blood glucosis fall into disarray. It disorders metablism, your body experiences various metabolic processes. The most important one is production of insulin. Insulin is a hormone produced in pancrea. It helps body cells to absorb glucose and store it in liver and tissues. Insuline regulates metabolism of carbohydrates, lovers concentration of glucose in blood. The more sugar blood contains, the more insuline has to be produced. Too much insuline causes excess of sodium. In order to balance sodium, you should drink lots of water.

However, too much sodium and water causes high blood pressure, promotes atherosclerosis, increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. People suffering from diabetes can have coronary heart diseases much sooner.

Thus it is very important to control blood sugar levels. A great help here is cinnamon. Cinnamon contains methyl hydroxy chalcone which improves metabolism of glucose 20 times and has no side effects. Studies have shown that this polymer acts as insuline which means that it helps to regulate glucose level in blood.

However, cinnamon cannot treat the disease. First of all, diet and the entire lifestyle should be changed. Cinnamon is just a great additional mean. Diabetics should have half of a teaspoon of cinnamon three times per day. Cinnamon can be mixed into tea.



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