Could you live without salt?

Could you live without salt?

Human body can neither make nor store salt, just like some other essential elements. All such elements must come with food. But is it possible to live without salt?

Human body has about 100 grams of sodium. Every day a part of natrium is excreted with urine. That’s why it has to be renewed.

Excessive consumption of salt can increase blood pressure and cause heart diseases. The use of food with lots of salt increases the risk of developing kidney diseases, osteoporosis and stomach cancer. It is estimated that a use of low-salt food would reduce a number of people who need treatment for high blood pressure and heart diseases.

However, it is not recommended to refuse salt at all as it regulates the quantity of water in your blood and entire body. If you don’t have too much physical activity, you need less salt that those people who work out intensively. Salt is useful for sodium. Partly sodium can be received from vegetables. In order to make food tastier, you can replace salt with herbs, garlic, pepper, lemon juice. Don’t eat too much smoked, salted and canned products to avoid “hidden” sources of salt.

World health organization claims that an adult should get not more than 5 grams of salt per day. It is half a teaspoon.



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