Fast food – always fresh?

Fast food – always fresh?

For more than half a year, Manhattan artist Sally Davies has been taking daily photos of McDonald’s Happy Meal – a set of hamburger and fries. According to the artist, even though it has been purchased 6 months ago, food looks as fresh as on the day it was prepared and has no decay marks or mould.

Thanks for Sally Davies, her idea to buy a hamburger with fries and leave them for some time has turned into a huge Happy Meal Project. Every day since April 10 when it was bought, this hamburger reveals how useless and even dangerous fast-food may be. 

 According to S. Davies, she chose McDonald’s because it was the closest fast-food restaurant to her house. The first thing that surprised her was on the second day of the experiment, when food had stopped smelling. Additionally, after two weeks, artist was shocked even more because instead of starting to mould, hamburger and fries looked perfectly normal. “Then I realized that something strange is going on with this food – said the artist. – French fries and meat patty only have faded for a bit but their overall appearance hasn’t changed. “

Now, Happy Meal set which has been bought six months ago seems to be plastic after touching and has an acrylic shine. “The only change that I’ve noticed is that it has become hard as stone, “- says the artist.


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