7 reasons to work out regularly

7 reasons to work out regularly

Many scientists believe that virtually any kind of physical activity can positively affect your health and well-being. Here are just a few reasons why you should start working out as soon as possible:

  • Sport strengthens your heart . Well , this is not news to anyone. If you are complaining about high blood pressure, elevated level of cholesterol, or tachycardia, you need to exercise. This will improve blood circulation and normalize heart function.
  • Sport reduces heart attack risk. Many studies show that active lifestyle and regular exercising reduce the chance of heart attacks. People who live actively, reduce the chances of this unpleasantness by 20 %.
  • Second type diabetes. This disease is attacking more and more people around the world. Physical exertion will help to get rid of excess weight, then it will also help to prevent the disease.
  • Sport and obesity are almost impossible. Overweight and obesity can be prevented by a combination of physical exercises and low-calorie diet.
  • Sport helps to overcome back pain. Muscle strengthening and stretching will help to avoid all kinds of back problems. Correct posture and strong abdominal muscles guarantee a healthy spine.
  • Sport helps with osteoporosis. Strength exercises will help to strengthen the structure of the bones and prevent osteoporosis. If you exercise regularly you should also take vitamin D.
  • Sport improves psychological health. Exercising produces secrete endorphins – ‘happyness hormones ‘ . They help to cope with stress and depression.

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