Frequent combing may damage your hair

Frequent combing may damage your hair

Dermatologists from Israel have come to the conclusion that combing your hair too often is harmful. The researchers have made an experiment. They chose 14 women and asked them to collect hair that fall for one month. They also asked them to count how many time per day they comb their hair. It turned out that combing your hair increases your daily hair loss for 3 times.

Previously it was thought that hair must be combed not only for aesthetic reasons but also to improve the condition of their roots. Hair specialists were also claiming that while combing we remove dust and dirt particles and distribute all the grease equally over the entire length of your hair. However, a new research says that this also cause hair loss.

Unusual hair properties:

• One hair can withstand up to 200 grams. Lots of textile fibers cannot cope with this kind of weight.

• Sebum secretion that covers hair holds all the dust, hair care and styling products, heavy cigarette smoke particles, insoluble salt precipitate.

• Hair has ability to store some substances which can be used as the indicators. This property of hair has been used for long in criminalistics.

• Hair absorbs moisture as well as glycerin, vegetable and animal fats. Hair cannot absorb mineral oils, vaseline and vaseline oils.



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