Genetically modified products are harmful for unborn baby’s health

Genetically modified products are harmful for unborn baby’s health

One of the best ways to stay healthy during pregnancy and protect the baby is a good diet. However, even if you are trying to eat various foods, you have to pay attention to one important thing – if you diet doesn’t include genetically modified products.

There is no secret that the cultivation of genetically modified products requires pesticides and chemicals to be used. A recent study has showed that all chemicals and pesticides that are in genetically modified crops remain not only in the blood of a pregnant woman but also it goes to a blood of a new baby. Blood samples have been taken from pregnant women and the babies. The results were shocking – chemicals have been found in all blood samples that have been taken.

Genetically modified foods are associated with many great evils: male hormone dysfunction, poor development of central nervous system, learning disabilities, early girl puberty, infertility and many other problems.

Before choosing a product, don’t forget to read its ingredients carefully. Make sure it does not contain genetically modified products. Usually you will find modified oil, margarine, bread spreadings, mayonnaise, sweets and bakery products.



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