3 anti-aging recipes

3 anti-aging recipes

Do you want to live longer? Do you like to drink tea? Here are 3 recipes of beverages that will help you to stay young for longer.

Viking tea. Mix equal parts of dried herbs (knot-grass and nettle) and dried rosehip. Pour a glass of boiling water on a tablespoon of this mixture and leave it for 3 hours. Drink everything at once. You can drink it instead of your regular tea. It will help you to stay more active throughout the day and it will also improve your mood.

Rowan tea. Mix equal parts of rowan and rosehip. Prepare it as a regular tea. This drink improves memory, has anti-aging effects and it is recommended to drink before hard physical and mental work, for example, when you are preparing for your exams.

Lemon drink. Mix juice of half lemon with a tablespoon of honey and add some dilute mineral water. It is a very tasty and beneficial drink that improves metabolism and help to eliminate toxins and slags from your body.


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