Products that promote skin aging

Products that promote skin aging

The way we look does not always represent our real age. It depends on many factors: genes, body type, clothing, make-up, lifestyle and of course eating habits. You will probably agree that one of the secrets of youth is beautiful skin. Some products can promote skin aging. Here is a list of them.

Salt. Salt has impact not only on high blood pressure, but also swelling eyelids.

Sugar. Dermatologists agree that sugar is one of the biggest enemies of skin. If you reduce consumption of sugar, you will see the results in less than a week. If you cannot live without sweets, try replacing them with sweet fruits.

Coffee. Although coffee has some benefits, it actually promotes skin aging. People who often drink coffee usually have dry skin that has lost its elasticity. Moreover, coffee also affects our teeth and everybody will agree that people who have white teeth look much younger.

Alcohol. Alcohol has effects not only on your skin, but also your brain and liver. If you  drink alcohol, you should increase the intake of water.

Red meat. Red meat promotes wrinkles and it can also cause other health issues. You don’t have to stop eating red meat at all, but you should reduce the amount of it.


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