Harmful effects of our every day habits

Harmful effects of our every day habits

The UK experts have warned people about the harm of some daily habits. And they are not talking about smoking, consumption of alcohol or unhealthy diet. Doctors want to warn people and teach them how to change some common habits.

1. Showering every day. Very hot water and aggressive body care products can destroy natural skin protection and cause skin dryness, cracking and even infections. Exaggerated hygiene damages our skin. Many people have shower too often and use too hot water. For those who still cannot imagine not having a shower at least once a day, doctors recommend using cooler water and cleansers without soap.

2. 8 hours of sleep. A nap of 4-15 minutes can give you as much energy as one hour of sleep at night. The idea that we have to sleep at least 8 hours per night is a bit exaggerated. A quit nap during the day can be much more beneficial.

3. Rinsing mouth with special mouth wash after brushing your teeth. Mouth wash rinses off fluoride that is in a tooth paste and which gives protection for your teeth for a few ours. When you brush your teeth you should try not to drink anything at least for 30 minutes.

4. Tiding up. A recent survey has shown that people that tidy their house too often have their blood pressure higher as they are all the time worried how to do all the work. Besides, using various cleaning agents can cause asthma.

5. Incorrect breathing. When getting older, people tend to breathe inefficiently. Fortunately, you can train your body how to breathe correctly. Adults usually breathe in through the chest, which is not good. We should try breathing in through the abdomen. Just try to make your belly like a bubble ball and keep your chest motionless. This way you will use all volume of your lung.

6. Rest after dinner. Many people are used to rest on the sofa or even sleep for a couple of hours after eating. Experts warn that this way all calories that that we get while eating turn into fat. That’s why it is recommended to eat more for breakfast and lunch and less for dinner.



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