How to avoid indigestion?

How to avoid indigestion?

Younger and younger, people have started complaining about their digestion problems. Digestion – is a natural human process and when it breaks down people start feeling uncomfortable pain in their body, heartburn. The first sign of indigestion is feeling uncomfortable after eating and, as the doctors say, the highest risk of starting to suffer from this discomfort is caused by poor eating habits.

Just after eating, healthy people should become lively and easy but if they feel even worse it’s not a good sign. If you feel increased stomach acidity, you should know that this problem is called the “heartburn”. Stomach acids are necessary for the food’s digesting, but if their level increases, this may cause burning pain after having a meal. Mostly, heartburn pain is experienced when lying down because then stomach acids can easily reach the esophagus. If you suffer from heartburn, it is advised to avoid sour food and also feeling stressful.

According to doctors, only the human himself can control his diet and digestion. Most importantly, people have to eat six small meals five times a day and every time when eating it is recommended to take some time and enjoy every bite. Even though it sounds quite surprising, it is not advisable to drink when you are having your meal. It is more preferable to drink something before a meal or a half an hour after eating. Do not forget that in the afternoon your stomach starts to work much slower than in the morning, so large portions of food in the evening are not recommended. Digestive problems are also known to be negatively influenced by emotional stress and if you feel like having a sensitive stomach, you should avoid alcohol and smoking.

So, doctors say that people to avoid indigestive should:

Monitor and control their diet.
Eat more often but little portions.
Avoid drinking when having their meal.
Avoid alcohol and smoking.
Pay attention to breakfast because it is the most important food of the day.
Refuse drinking coffee because it is harmful for stomach. If you can’t refuse it, pour some milk.
Avoid products that increase “heartburn”: fat, spicy dishes, sauces, onions, chocolate or citrus fruits.


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