How to choose and prepare meat?

How to choose and prepare meat?

While the weather is getting warmer and we tend to choose salad and other light food, grilled steak cannot be replaced with anything if we are camping with our friends. How to choose the best meat and prepare it correctly, so it would be not only tasty but also healthy?

Why should we eat meat?

Some scientists say that people who don’t eat meat have difficulties in getting all necessary nutrients, such as vitamin B12, iron, zinc, copper. The lack of these substances leads to hair fall and breaking nails. The lack of iron leads to anemia.

However, we shouldn’t abuse meat. It is enough to eat meat 3-4 times per week and not every day as many of us do. Replace red meat and especially fat pork with more lean meat – rabbit, chicken or turkey.

Sausages are not the most useful meat we can get. They are usually made of lower quality meat. A big part of meat is often replaced with fat emulsion, starch, soya, semolina, etc.  Sausages almost always include flavor enhancers which play and trick our taste receptors.

How to know if the meat is fresh?

Fresh pork and beef can be distinguished by color. Old meat is dark. Old poultry doesn’t change its color but the meat looks a bit sticky.

Best meals are prepared from fresh meat. If you have to defrost it, do it in 18-20 °C. Don’t immerse meat in water.


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