How to improve your eating habits?

How to improve your eating habits?

The beginning of the year is the best time to make some changes in our lifestyle, including changes in your diet. Here are some principles which will help you to get used to healthy eating.

Start eating only when you are really hungry, not when someone is asking you to eat. However, it’s not worth waiting for more than 20 minutes if you feel hungry. If you wait too long you won’t control yourself and start eating everything – candies, sandwiches and other fast food. Besides, hungry person will eat more than he or she should.

The biggest break between your meals is 5 hours. Don’t forget that during these breaks you should have some healthy snacks, for example, a yogurt or an apple. This will help to keep your metabolism going. Don’t drink while eating. This badly disturbs the process of digestion.

Learn how to combine food. Some foods cannot be combined together as they will rot and this will lead to digesting problems. Choose the right drinks. Coffee, tea or juice can not be combined with any foods. These drinks should be consumed 1 hour before or after eating. Wine should be diluted with 1/3 of water. Stronger drinks should be used after eating to help your digestion processes.

Chew your food well. This will help your stomach a lot. Besides, those who eat slowly are less likely to gain weight. Don’t forget the old rule that you have to stop eating while you still feel a bit hungry. Satiety comes only after 20 minutes from the beginning of eating.

Don’t eat if you have stress. At this time it’s difficult to control anything, so there’s a big chance that you will eat too much. Besides, you will definitely choose wrong food at this time, such as pie or chocolate.

Don’t eat while watching TV or reading. Concentrate on eating only. Any external stimulus distracts from food which makes you eat more than you should.


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