Mission possible: How to lose weight without starving?

Mission possible: How to lose weight without starving?

Everyone is dreaming about better shape, graceful arms and slimmer legs. There are women that have a really good metabolism, so overweight doesn’t bother them. However, there are types of women that try to overcome the desire to eat every delicious bite and fight with themselves in order to go and work out. So what to do to make your kilograms melt without feeling any changes of your mood and depression because you cannot fit into your favorite pants once again?

First of all, start with water. Every morning when you wake up, drink a glass of water. Do not allow your body to “dry out”. Every time you are about to eat, think what you really want. People often confuse hunger with thirst. So maybe it’s a better idea to drink some fresh juice or tea instead of snacking. Actually it is recommended to refuse snaks, like chocolate bars, crisps, etc. These are numer one enemies for losing weight. Try replace them with dry fruit.

Remember that you have to eat often, at least 4-5 times per day but small portions. Don’t refuse your favorite products, better reduce the amount of them. Sport is also essential part of losing weight. Ride a bike, walk more than usually, try jogging every morning. Don’t forget that while working out, fat becomes muscles, and muscles weigh more than fat.

We often hear saying that we shouldn’t eat after 6 p.m. Actually you can eat always. Don’t make your body feel stress by stopping eating after 6 if you usually eat at that time. However, you should eat your last food at least 3 hours before going to sleep.

One more thing to notice, don’t start your diet “on Monday”. Tell yourself “I want to be prettier now” and start right away. Be patient and stubborn.



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