Perfect combinations of food

Perfect combinations of food

Nutritionists say that when eating you should pay your attention to not only how much you love the taste of the dish but to the products that have been combined as well. Instead of benefits given, wrong combination of food may harm your wellness, so it is important how its ingredients work one with each other. So, what’s the perfect combination to meat? Or what are the products you should be compared with milk?

Good combination: Fried meat and broccoli

After being grilled, meat gets covered by carcinogens that increase the risk of gastric cancer. To reduce this risk, you should compare it with broccoli that help the body to remove carcinogens from.

Good combination: Fried fish or meat and marinades

It has been discovered, that after being marinated, meat or fish may be prevented from carcinogens that appear after frying. So, you should use vinegar, tomato sauce, soy sauce or any other home made marinade for meat, fish or poultry and leave it from 30 to 60 minutes before starting to cook.

Good combination: Liver with potatoes or tomatoes

The best natural source of iron is liver. With the help of iron, oxygen is delivered to tissues and carbon dioxide is removed. Unfortunately, quite often our bodies are lacking this mineral, because that only 8 percent of it can be absorbed from the food we get. If you want to improve iron absorption, you should use fruits and vegetables full of vitamin C at the same time. Citrus fruits, berries, tomatoes and potatoes are rich in this mineral.

Good combination: Ginger and milk

This is a perfect combination because absorption of calcium is perfectly improved. Milk is the best source of this mineral, deadly needed for our bones and teeth, while ginger is rich in magnesium, vital for improving calcium absorption. So, take 3 pieces of dried ginger and put it into a glass of warm milk.

Good combination: Bell pepper and olive oil

It is an old true that carrot juice is usually recommended to drink with some cream added. That’s because Vitamin A, which is in yellow and orange vegetables, is easier absorbed with fats. So, when eating salad with yellow bell peppers, pour in some olive oil to get the maximum dose of Vitamin A.

Good combination: Omelette and onions with tomatoes

Supplying body with selenium, onions and tomatoes perfectly go with eggs that are full of Vitamin E. Selenium is particularly useful for a humans’, especially men, sexual health, and it is most effectively absorbed to the body with a help of vitamin E. So, tomorrow prepare the breakfast of scrambled eggs and tomato salad.


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