The best drinks to detoxify your body

The best drinks to detoxify your body

Everybody knows that beautiful body is healthy body, so we should take care not only of our appearance but also of our health. We recommend several beneficial drinks that will cleanse your body.

Apple juice. It regulates bowel work and removes free radicals and toxins. It has little calories, but plenty of vitamins and trace elements (especially iron). It has toning properties and helps to recuperate after working out. Drink fresh apple juice and do not add any sugar.

Green cocktails. They are based on any raw fruits and vegetables: lettuce, cucumber, celery, spinach, sorrel, kiwi, grapes and so on. You can prepare a cocktail of only one type of components or mix some. These drinks eliminate excess fluids and toxins from our bodies, protect liver from harmful substances (such as pesticides and heavy metals).

Drinks with ginger. Ginger regulates digestive processes and improves metabolism. Here’s a simple recipe to prepare ginger drink: take one liter of water and 4-5 cm piece of ginger. Peel ginger and cut it into cubes. Boil the water, add the ginger and cook for 10 minutes. Strain and add a bit of ground black pepper, cinnamon and lemon juice .

Beetroot juice. It is claimed that beetroot juice is one of the best drinks to help cleanse the body. It has mild laxative effect, improves digestion, removes toxins from the intestines. Drink freshly squeezed juice. However, beetroot juice is not recommended for those who suffer from digestive and liver diseases.

Cabbage juice. It is especially useful for the digestive organs and improving the absorption of calcium and protein. Cabbage juice also has positive effect on nervous system.


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