The power of different tastes

The power of different tastes

Different tastes can treat different ailments. And it’s not a joke. By the way, taste therapy is probably the only area where you can feel safe while trying to heal without consulting a doctor. After all, it’s the same food you would normally eat, but sometimes you can try to use food for a particular purpose.

Apparently, bitterness, sourness, sweetness, saltiness are the tastes that can be used in order to heal. Our tongue has lots of reflexogenic areas which are connected to our digestive tract and other organs.

Such therapy, of course, can be used only as an aid to cure diseases. It will not cure diseases fully used alone. However, isn’t it worth trying?

• Hold some honey mixed with butter onto your tongue in order to facilitate cough.

• Sweet products facilitate symptoms of cardiac and vascular diseases as sweetness promotes vasodilatation.

• If your blood pressure suddenly jumps take something sweet too. Candy, a little bit of honey or raspberry jam will help you to feel relief in 5-7 minutes.

• When your blood pressure drops, it is recommended to have a slice of lemon or a sip of lemon juice.

• Bitter products work anti inflammatorily, normalize renal work and clean body from slag and salts.

• Small amounts of bitterness are also used to promote mental abilities. However, large amounts of bitter products can cause depression and sadness.

• Spicy foods improve digestion, purify blood, eliminate germs and warm the body from the inside.

• Salty products stimulate thirst and hunger, retain water in the body and slightly are laxative.



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