Don’t buy promises to cure your illness

Don’t buy promises to cure your illness

Cancer has become one of the most often diagnosed diseases. Probably every person can admit that someone from his family or friends are suffering from cancer. Since lots of stages of cancer do not have any cure, this terrifies even more and every offered novelty is accepted as a miracle that can change everything.

American Cancer Society has decided to evaluate snake oil cures. These cures have not been scientifically proven even though it offers lots of methods, such as, supplements, therapies, diets and other practices to treat or prevent cancer. It is important that these methods often interfere with traditional treatments. Some of the popular such treatments include using shark cartilage or grounded pits of various fruits, for example, apricots or peaches. People spend lots of money and don’t see actual results.

The creators of such methods often publish their offers on the Internet. As Internet had become a powerful mean to sell products, scammers do not save their time and create professional websites and advertisements to tempt ordinary people.

Note that only medical treatments, that have been proven scientifically, ensure possibilities to recover form this horrible disease. All methods that are used during the treatments has to be confirmed by doctors and promise only realistic results.




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