Effects of alcohol on your body

Effects of alcohol on your body

Everyone wants to be healthy, work productively and succeed in life. Only a good health ensure as full-fledged life.

There are no doubts that you already know at least a few way how to improve your health. Unfortunately, many people still don’t understand that alcohol in moderation can really contribute to your good health.

It is recommended to drink a glass or two of red wine twice a week. It will help you to maintain healthy heart and cardiovascular system.an interesting and quite a funny fact is that some scientists even say that a moderate amount of alcohol can be much better that all “magic’’ diets and exercises.

The benefits are clear. 4-5 glasses of wine per week deceases the possibility of getting a sudden heart attack. Alcohol consumption in small quantities also protects against diabetes and biliary disorders. Alcohol reduces the risk of death from any disease for middle aged women approximately in 17%.

Red wine and certain types of beer are excellent antioxidants. A glass of red wine before eating improves digestion and helps to relax and spend a good time eating with some friends.

Despite all these facts, doctors still try not to speak about benefits of alcohol aloud since excessive alcohol consumption can lead to tragic consequences: liver diseases, accidental deaths and other unpleasant things. All this happens when we lose a sense of moderation. So don’t forget this golden rule in any situation – moderation has to be always on your mind.



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