10 useful tips to be happy and healthy

10 useful tips to be happy and healthy
  1. Eat tomatoes.They are a natural enemy of cancer. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C.This way you will also prevent other diseases. The good news is that even cooked tomatoes are nutritious, so you can use them in a variety of dishes.
  2. If you are going to have any surgeries soon, at least two weeks before avoid drinking ginger and ginkgo tea. These may cause bleeding.
  3. Take away the stress.Exercising in the morning, eating fruits and vegetables are really important attributes of healthy lifestyle. If you are nervous and irritable, drink a cup of soothing tea.
  4. Get at least90mg of vitamin C on a daily basis. You can get it from fruits and vegetables.Fruit salad is an excellent choice for breakfast.
  5. Eat apples and pears to get your teeth whiter.
  6. Drink at least2 liters of water per day. Your body must be properly hydrated. Water will also remove all the toxins. Say no to energy drinks, coffee and other similar drinks.Replace them with clean mineral water.
  7. Don’t forget to eat carbohydrates even if you are trying to lose weight.They will speed up your metabolism.
  8. Do not waste your valuable time for not important things.You may have heard the saying, life is too short.
  9. Stretching helps to relax and feel better. You can find plenty of stretching exercises on the Internet. They are simple, but effective.
  10. Exercise often. You don’t have to start with lifting weights in the gym. Choose what suits you better.

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