Chemical substances in frog skin can help to cure cancer

Chemical substances in frog skin can help to cure cancer

Chemical substances in sticky skin of frogs are able to destroy cancer cells and they practically do not have any side effects. This has been announced by the scientists of Great Britain and India in The Telegraph.

Experiments with laboratory mice have shown that peptides that are in frog skin prevent development of blood vessels that are necessary for tumor growth and reproduction in the body. Scientists proved that after the treatment malignant tumors stop growing and slowly die. Now scientists are willing to verify their hypothesis in humans.

Pharmacists of the Royal University of Belfast, the authors of this discovery have been led by professor Chris Shaw. Experts have investigated how to adapt the properties of animals and plants to produce new effective medications.

The main focus was given for chemical substances and proteins from frogs and toads skin. These chemicals and proteins suffocate malignant tumors disrupting blood supply which is necessary for their growth. Another protein found in frog skin help to stimulate growth of blood vessels. This can be useful creating medications that promote healing of severe wounds.

This research has recently been evaluated by a special award. Funds will enable the experts to continue carrying out further investigations.


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